How to Add Spacing Between Bullet Point Lines in MailChimp

Dense copy is hard for your followers to read.

In MailChimp, it can be a little tricky to add space between your bullet points without completely messing up the formatting of your campaign.

Here’s a super simple way to add the spacing you need to be easier on your readers’ eyes.

Step 1:

To use this code, open the MailChimp campaign you’re currently working on.

Step 2:

Select the text section where your bullet points are located. Click the source button pictured below.

Here’s the code mentioned in the video to quickly copy and paste. Be sure to add this piece of coding between the brackets as indicated in the video.

Step 3:

Don’t let the HTML intimidate you. Simply scroll down to where the code starts with <li>. This is where the bullet points begin.

Copy the code below and paste inside the brackets “< >”.

li style=”padding-bottom: 18px;”

Each time <li> appears, replace it with <li style=”padding-bottom: 18px>;”>

Step 4:

Save and close.

On the preview screen on the left, you’ll see the spaces between each bullet point.

Need to see for yourself? Check out this video.